Our Company

Atalanti Home and Personal Care is a Greek Commercial and Industrial Company which distributes its own home and personal care products.

Values such as, having a deep understanding of the unique characteristics of home and personal care, placing trust in our human resources, and maintaining a steady focus on the needs of consumers, are non-negotiable and integral to all our activities.

Our Focus

By focusing on research, innovation, and quality, we offer efficient, quality products, technical support, and specialized information to our customers.


We provide integrated solutions by trusting our highly trained personnel, as well as utilizing our fully equipped laboratories.


We aim for the continuous improvement of our products, considering the new technological developments, market trends and customer requirements.


The ability to produce and offer products of unquestionable excellence, is a non-negotiable value for us.

Serving the needs of our customers is our fundamental value and a commitment which guides all our activities.

Our People

At Atalanti Home and Personal Care, our people are the most important resource and fundamental factor for the development of our company.

Our people are the key component to the excellent organization and operation of our company. We consider our staff to be a fundamental asset, whose efforts are encouraged, and initiative is rewarded, within a creative and safe working environment.

Through continuous training programs, we ensure the systematic training of our people, we support each employee to develop their skills and creativity, we promote their advancement and full participation in the cultivation of a customer-centric approach in every department of the company.

Our Policies